Federación Latinoamericana de Bancos FELABAN

What is FELABAN?

The FEDERATION OF LATIN AMERICAN BANKS - FELABAN is a non-profit entity created in Mar del Plata, Argentina in 1965 by the banking associations and other agencies of 19 Latin American countries, encompassing over 623 regional banks.

FELABAN's objectives include:
  • To promote and facilitate the contact, understanding and direct relationships between the financial entities in Latin America, irrespective of the internal political issues of each country.
  • To contribute to, by means of its technical services, the coordination of criteria and to the unification of general banking and financial usage and practices in Latin America.
  • To cooperate, within the scope of its own activities, a more efficient economic development in Latin American countries and to the economic integration movements in which they participate.
  • To endeavor by all means available to promote the development and well being of the countries where its members reside.
  • To procure a greater financial deepening and a greater access to financial services for populations with low incomes as a way to contribute towards the reduction of poverty in Latin American countries.